What are the fees and charges of IPOGo?

Management fee:

The first 1,000 customers will enjoy a life-time management fee waiver. Management fee will be waived in the first calendar month upon joining IPOGo for other users also. A fixed amount of HKD 8.8 as management fee will be charged on the 1st day of each month.

Performance fee:

AA Invest will charge 20% of the net-of-fees profit above the high-water mark from the client account as performance fee. Performance fee will be charged on the last business day of December every year, or the day that you withdraw from IPOGo (whichever is earlier). The calculation of next year’s performance fee will be on “high-water mark” basis, which is based on last year’s net-of-fees net asset value.

For example, if you earned HKD 1,000 profit from IPOGo this year, we will charge HKD 200 as performance fee.

Transaction commission and fees:
Customers are required to pay transaction related charges, including upstream broker commission, SFC transaction levy, SEHK trading fee, stamp duty, FRC transanction fee etc. Currently, the upstream broker commission rate is 0.03% of transaction amount.

IPO brokerage:
For every successful IPO application, not more than 1% of the gross consideration will be charged from the account as IPO brokerage. No IPO brokerage will be charged for unsuccessful IPO application.

IPO handling fee:

We will not charge any IPO handling fee.

Termination fee:

If a client requests to suspend or terminate the IPOGo service within 3-month since using it, a fee charge of HK$500 will be applied according to the discretionary client agreement.

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